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Baby Blues

18th Jul 2011

Large population of women in the child bearing age are working or housewives. Some of them do handle both roles & maybe mothers already. The joyous feeling that comes with the news of conception, sometimes also is accompanies with a sub-conscious worry related to her ability to handle all chores when the baby arrives.

This could be missed by everyone in the glee of a new member in the family. If such a feeling persists long enough & remains unnoticed, it could be quite serious for the mom-to-be. General symptoms like feeling unhappy & wretched as well as irritable & exhausted. Not able to sleep well, loss of appetite or interest in food or over eating with later developing guilt over it, etc could be other but not very alarming symptoms.

These feelings / symptoms are largely related to the huge hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy & again at the time of child birth. These worrying thoughts tend to reduce the confidence of the mom-to-be in being able to manage post-natally.

The arrival of a baby should be definitely as a bundle of joy alone & not cause undue stress to the new mom. This stress is labelled as baby blues. It can be arrested early if the husband, family members &/or close friends are alert to the above mentioned symptoms/ changes in behaviour. The support they can provide in handling the baby & routine chores can make a huge difference to the new mom. All it needs is a well thought out & timely planning which will relieve the mom-to-be of any mounting tension.

Remember: Well begun is half done. Don’t ignore or feel ashamed to look for help if you face such a situation. Seek help from a professional, a lactation consultant who can brief you on managing your baby & breastfeeding successfully. She can be your guide & can comfort you to handle your emotions healthily.

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