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Back Care After Birth

18th Aug 2011

It is much more difficult to head to back care advise after birth Yet, it is something worth doing to protect yourself for the rest of your life. Follow at least a few of these to keep you away from backache:

  1. Feed in a good comfortable posture. Always use backrest and leave room for leg adjustments.
  2. Feeding is what you do most part of the day and sitting for feeding amounts to at least 15 hours! So try different sitting postures for feeding that will ease your back.
  3. Never sit with pressure on tail bone. Sit with equal weight on both sitting bones.
  4. Avoid sitting cross legged for long.
  5. Keep your back straight by tucking your tummy in and doing the pelvic squeeze.
  6. Do this whenever you bend and get up to pick the baby ,change nappies etc.
  7. Always sit or kneel next to the baby  to attend to the her.Do not sit at the edge of bed and turn to wipe or clean the baby.
  8. When lifting a small baby from the floor always hold the baby close t you, put leg in the front, squeeze your pelvic area  and come up.
  9. Do not hold your breath when lifting your baby.
  10. When standing to hold the baby, keep your shoulder blades squeezed behind, pull your tummy inside and do the pelvic squeeze. This reduces the strain on your back.

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