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Back Pain During Pregnancy

09th Jul 2011

At some point or other every pregnant lady is sure to experience some pain and discomforts on the back. Some times the pain is mild and subsides on its own. But at times it is sharp, makes the person limp and affects daily work. The primary reason  for such pains is  the increased flexibility of the spinal and pelvic joints during pregnancy. A hormone named relaxin is produced by the body during pregnancy. This softens the pelvic joints. The softened ligaments get caught between the pelvic bones during  movement. This causes sudden sharp pain. Such pain is usually on one side. The pelvic bone may get stuck (also called an up slip) giving constant pain on one side of groin/buttocks.

There are many other reasons also:

The increasing bulk of the uterus stretches the round ligament that attaches the uterus to the pelvic bones. This usually results in pain in the groin or lower abdomen.

The large size of the tummy and the awkward walk of pregnancy makes balance difficult . Pregnant women especially those beyond the 7th month experience balance difficulties. They may miss a step and land heavily on  a leg, may twist their ankle, or sit down on the step all of which can move the pelvic joints

Women using computer for a long time experience pain on mid back, upper back etc due to faulty sitting posture and poor ergonomics

Factors provoking pain:

  • You may find yourself absolutely fit and comfortable at work. The moment you rest lying down, you may find it extremely difficult to turn to sides
  • You may be woken up in the middle of night by sharp pain when moving the leg to turn. It is usually one sided
  • After sitting on a soft cushion for say 30 min and then getting up you may be limping for a few seconds before you could walk well
  • Activities involving lifting 1 leg with the other stationary such as lifting one leg to dry the feet, wearing underpants,pyjamas may give sudden pain in the groin/pubis etc
  • Coughing, sneezing etc also provoke sharp pain


What should you do to prevent the occurrence of pelvic joint pain and back pain?

  • Use a firm mattress that does not sag.
  • Do not sleep on your back especially at night. You may feel stuck, when you wake up  and whine in pain.
  • However you can rest in the day time with your legs rested on a couch for up to 20 min to ease your back
    When turning squeeze your buts together, keep your thighs together and turn like a log. Do not spread your legs while turning.
  • Squeeze your buttocks when lifting 1 leg up to wear underpants/pajamas etc.You should also rest your buttocks to the wall while wearing your underpants.
  • Always sleep on the sides. Use a thick pillow to support your folded leg.
  • Always stand square with equal weight on both legs. Do this when standing to talk to someone, during kitchen work etc while sitting do not cross your thighs.
  • Always hold the rails  while climbing up and down the stairs to secure balance.
  • Do not sit for long hours. After every 1 hour, get up and walk a while.
  • When going for walks decrease the length of your strides, but walk brisk without waddling.

Follow this simple exercise daily to help stabilize pelvic joints to stay in place.

When up from bed, get to your hands and knees. Start by pulling your tail in and hump your back like a camel. Then allow your back to relax and allow your bottoms to jut out. Repeat it 5 times.

If your problem persists a physiotherapist in your locality can help you to get rid of your pain.


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