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Continous Labour Support

09th Jul 2011

Can the labouring women do something to avoid medical interventions?

Stress is one important factor influencing how fast your birth happens. If the mother is panic stricken the mouth of the uterus does not open up easily resulting in long and painful labor with more medical interventions.

Movement encourages progress is labor. Many a times women are on their beds throughout labor .This decreases the efficiency of contractions, makes pain intolerable, slows progress and necessitates the need for interventions.

Childbirth is not a illness. Laboring women when allowed to move around find better comfort and relief from pain. Gravity assisting the descent of their baby, upright  women  help their uterus to work better and decrease labor time by up to 2 hours,

The pain of labor is the main reason why women want to take epidural anesthesia. Pain also results in breath holding which when repeated during every contraction, decreases the blood flow to the baby resulting in fetal distress. Fetal distress is one of the  reason for C section in a otherwise normal labor course.

What is continuous labor support?
It is the comfort provided by a trained labor specialist during the process of childbirth to relieve pain and anxiety and assist in speeding up the process of birth

How can continuous labor support help me?

  • You will be able to change positions and do movement which will facilitate progress. Even when you have  a drip and strapped to fetal heart rate monitor it is possible with your labor support specialist  to achieve maximum comfort.
  • You will receive non invasive pain relief like massage, touch relaxation, which will be done also by your husband. Your bonding with your husband is going to increase many folds after your childbirth!
  • You can contribute to the health of your baby. The labor support specialist will encourage you to use breathing techniques .Used along with positions it prevents the baby’s heart rate dipping down. So your baby will tolerate the labor as much as you do!

Can Labor support prevent a C -section?

Research by Cochrane review data base shows that  women taking continuous labor support are less likely to undergo C-Section by 26%, less likely to use pain medications by 28%, less likely to deliver by vacuum extraction by 41%.

Continuous labor support does not promise a definite vaginal delivery. But it definitely augments better labor outcomes and ensures a positive feeling towards the process of birth


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