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Is it so Important to Stay Active During Pregnancy?

18th Aug 2011

Physical and social activity improves fitness and emotional well being ; so it is worth focusing on. Being physically active during pregnancy has many advantages:

  • More active means better fitness and hence minimal discomforts such as back pain, fluid retention etc.
  • You will also be able to control your monthly weight gain to 1-2 kgs.
  • When you move about quite a bit intestinal mobility is better ;so  you can say good bye to digestion related complaints such as heart burns, constipation, bloating etc.
  • Most women can continue to work till term which gives the necessary social interaction as well as some physical activity.
  • All these put together helps in minimizing complications such as pregnancy induced hypertension, gestational diabetes etc.
  • More important women who are physically active are happier throughout term and  easily mould themselves to their new role as mothers .

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