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Overpowering Negative Emotions in Pregnancy

18th Aug 2011

The moment you get to know there is a new person adding up to your family, lot of advice pours in. Moms and in-laws tell you to be happy and not think or talk negative. You are advised not to get angry, scream or shout, because it affects the baby! Seeing violent movies, reading novels are strict no-no.



Pregnancy is a period of mixed emotions and realistically one cannot avoid getting negative emotions. There is absolutely no problem if you shout or cry once in a while. But  if the same is happening several times a week, and if you are not able to come out of negative emotions easily you need to do something about it.

So what is allowed?

  • Cry, fight or get angry. But cool down faster and patch up and talk to the person how bad you felt about what they spoke or did; also apologize to them for having hurt their feelings.
  • If you feel emotionally lighter or relieved after a emotional spell it is good!

What is not allowed?

  • Do not carry forwards past negative experiences and pick up new fights.
  • Do not get aggressive and physical.
  • If you are feeling pressurized with anger or feel helplessness after an emotional spell  it s not good.

Tips to manage negative emotions

  • Stay active; if you remain idle, or consistently watch unrealistic  tv serial  your mind gets clouded. Go for a walk, hang out with friends ,enroll for exercise class or join some hobby class.
  • Talk it out; it is better to talk out your emotion rather than express is physically. This is more healthier . This way you will not pile up emotions and then explode suddenly.
  • Stay connected to friends /colleagues; You can talk to friend s about your emotional outbursts, give eaach other a lending ear and laugh it out.

Any time you feel negative emotions overpowering you consistently DO NOT hesitate to seek the help of a good counselor.


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