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Papaya: A No-No in Pregnancy?

14th Sep 2011

Consumption of papaya, a yellow fruit with natural sweetness and richness of Vit A in the form of beta-carotene has several benefits. It is a valuable fruit, even during pregnancy as it aids good vision, and helps attaining a healthy skin with good complexion, keeps bowel function to the optimum and it can also be eaten by women with gestational diabetes (GDM).

What is important is when and how much of the fruit is eaten. If a single serving (2-3 slices of ripe fruit) is consumed as a mid-meal, it can do only good. But large portions eaten with meals would be unwise. The same holds true for other foods like eggs, meat, pineapple, dates, jackfruit etc. These foods are considered ‘hot’ foods. It is for us to choose the foods in tolerable amounts wisely to have a diet full of nutrients and variety.

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