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Re-Initating Breastfeeding

14th Sep 2011

Breastfeeding a newborn is the best decision that a new mom takes since no other formula matches the composition & the benefits that breast milk can give. But, at times due to strong reasons like NICU admission of the baby, very tired mother, or early rejoining office & even undue anxiety, the woman would have to discontinue breastfeeding for a while.

To help the mother to begin feeding after a gap requires good understanding of the process of milk production & ejection and essentials of maintaining milk flow. Nature extends support to the really enthusiastic mom who attempts to breastfeed the baby after such gap. If there is some(few drops) milk available from the breast, re-initiating feeding is quite possible. It is necessary to feed milk that is got from the breast at a regular time interval (2 hrs).the baby may or may not suckle directly from the nipples at this juncture. Expressed breast milk can be given to the baby till the flow /quantity of breast milk increases. This will also save the baby from irritation of suckling too much for little milk.

Medications like Tab. Leptadin or Perinorm & Powders like Galact or Satavarex have been used with good success. Besides, a diet rich in calcium, fluids & overall energy has to be worked up to help the zestful mother to maintain her health and happiness in her delightful attempt to begin nursing her baby all over again.

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