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   Nutrition Counselling
All of us consume food daily and little importance do we usually give to what we eat, when we eat, and how to eat in a healthy way. But when it comes to pregnancy, nursing time or any ailment; we turn towards eating right.

This module includes:

Dietary advice
Individualized diet plan – 3 sessions ie 1 in each trimester

  • Creating consciousness towards adopting change in eating pattern
  • Myths about food intake during pregnancy
  • Modification of food habits during lactation
  • Special foods to be taken during lactation
  • Getting back in shape after delivery.

Who can attend

  • All women young and old
  • Those in the child-bearing age
  • Those who are pregnant or lactating
  • Those who need to lose weight after delivery/ weaning their babies from the breast.
   Fit Pregnancy Classes

Keeping fit, cheerful and free from aches is the road to pleasurable pregnancy. Active Moms guides you through their exercise program tailor made for expectant moms. The exercise program is customized for you and designed to be absolutely safe for you and your baby.

Your program has eight rejuvenating exercise sessions of an hour each. We have blended an ideal combination of stretching, strengthening, kegel exercise (to support ease of birth), posture correction and back strengthening exercises..

What it covers?

Breathing exercise to provide vital oxygen
Kegel exercises to support the weight of your baby
Strengthening exercises to keep your body strong
Posture correction and back care to prevent back pain and any musculoskeletal injury
Flexibility exercises to keep you supple for birth

When can I start?

From the 4th month of pregnancy
You can take the opinion of your gynecologist on your readiness for exercising.

When you come for the class…

Get your medical file in the first visit..
Get a bottle of water to drink between exercises
Wear loose and comfortable cotton clothes that allow you to move and stretch.
Do finish your lunch an n hour before the class.
Do get your camera if you want pics of your exercises


   Corporate Moms to Be
A working woman has to juggle her time among various commitments at home, at work and commitment to herself for a pleasant child birth. This program is designed for those busy moms to be.

This exercise program enhances your enthusiasm and efficiency. You can continue to work till term, pain-free and energetic. You need 3 one to one sessions to learn all the appropriate customized exercises..

You'll prepare yourself by:

  • Simple and effective exercises which fit into your schedule
  • Correcting postural strains at work with practical solutions
  • Simple ways to relieve cramps, swelling, back pain etc.
  • Quick Relaxation technique to be used at work
   Preparation for Birth

Fear of labor and birth are common. But Fear and anxiety makes our body stiff and inflexible. You need to feel strong, yet relaxed and confident in your ability to go through childbirth. This course equips you with techniques that give comfort and naturally enhances the process of birth.

Husband will learn to be your labour coach and thus will help you through natural ways of pain relief. He will lend the encouragement and support during labour.

Parents to be can start from the 8th month of the Mom’s pregnancy. It is a 4 hour course (done in 2 sessions). It is extremely useful for any parents to be.

What it covers?

  • Exercises suitable in the 9th month that help widen the pelvic outlet and improve flexibility
  • Signs of labor, Common medical interventions, pain relief options, understanding how your body is designed for birth
  • Natural ways of Pain relief and how they work.
  • Positions, massage, relaxation and breathing that help during labor
  • Role of husband as labor coach
  • Caring for the new mom
   Breastfeeding Support
All mothers wish to give their newborns the best possible start in life. Nature gifts all mothers with breast milk to enable her to satisfy this special feeling. A relaxed mother and a suckling infant support this nature’s process thus promoting strong mother-infant bonding. A well informed mother- to-be usually is more confident in herself to manage her little one with relative ease.

Beneficiaries’ from this programme are:

  • Pregnant women preparing for successful breastfeeding
  • New moms/just delivered moms via visit/s in the hospital/ home
  • Moms who after a few weeks of delivery have some difficulty in nursing their babies.

What it covers:

For Group A - (2 sessions – OPD visits)
Knowledge about

  • Why breast milk for my baby?
  • Structure of the breast & self breast examination
  • Preparation of the breast for feeding
  • Physiology of milk production
  • Handling your newborn
  • Comfortable feeding positions
  • Technique of feeding & burping your baby
  • Maternal nutrition & use of galactogogues
  • Simple management methods for problems associated with breastfeeding
  • Breast milk expression & storage - Use of breast pumps
  • Feeding accessories

For Group B – (1 or more sessions as per need – OPD or Home visit)
In addition to discussions stated above, practical help for:

  • Holding your newborn
  • Postures of comfort while nursing
  • Positioning the baby at the breast (Latching)
  • Detaching & Burping the Baby
  • Emphasizing on early establishment of lactation.
  • Helping in relieving engorged breasts
  • Maternal diet to avoid abdominal discomforts
  • Above all motivation to the new mom

For Group C – OPD visit
At times, all goes well in the immediate post natal period with the knowledge shared with the lactation consultant earlier. But there may be some discomforts which may arise after a few weeks of delivery.
Issues like:

  • Infant irritability related to feeding or otherwise
  • Feeling of tiredness while feeding
  • Soreness in the nipples
  • Breast engorgement
  • Maternal weight gain
  • Infant weaning tips
   Child Care and Baby Grooming
In today’s fast track world, giving time to a new mom to talk about her feelings of joy and concern for the newborn is a necessity. No doubt that for any ailments, no one but the pediatrician should be consulted; but there are times you can manage things yourself with a little knowledge sharing with a friend in a doctor ie your lactation consultant.

This is a single session wherein relevant information for all who would be participating in managing the baby’s overall care will be addressed. Information shared would include:

  • Managing baby feeding routines
  • Baby bath
  • Baby grooming
  • Baby accessories
  • What is Immunization?
  • Common neonate worries
  • Crying baby
  • Physiological jaundice
  • Colics in babies
  • Frequency of passing stool
  • Normal milestones
  • Welcoming the new sibling
  • Father’s role in child care

Who can attend?

  • All to-be moms
  • All new moms
  • New parents with their maids, if reqd.
  • Grandparents
   Shape Up after Birth
This 6 week course will get you back to shape, with strong back and firm belly. Done by physiotherapist, this progressively challenging exercise program is designed to strengthen your core muscles. You are encouraged to exercise with your baby.

What it covers?

  • Closing the gap in the belly (diastasis) with specific exercises
  • Strengthening of core muscles such as abdomen, back and vaginal muscles
  • Progressively challenging abdominal and back exercises
  • Home program at the end of the course

When can I start?
3-4 weeks after vaginal birth and 6 weeks after C-Section (Do clarify with your doctor if you are ready to start exercises)

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