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Are you an expecting mom, or a mom to a little one under 4 years old?

Expectant parents have so many important decisions and tasks ahead of them that peer support becomes invaluable. Becoming a mom – particularly for the first time – can be as stressful as it is exciting.

After all, having a baby today is a whole different game than it was 30 or 40 years ago. While your mom and mother-in-law may be eager to help with you questions about pregnancy, sometimes you really need the support of other women who understand what you’re going through right now, because they are, too.

Support Groups can provide a sense of connection, motivation and encouragement, an exchange of information and access to expert or professional information.

Pregnancy support groups may be formal or informal and, depending on size, may meet in public places (a library or community centre) or in individual homes. Many are formed on the basis of a shared neighbourhood.

At Active Moms, we understand the need of a Pregnancy and New Mom Support Group - Our mission is to provide support and community for every new mom or mom-to-be that wants it.

Our Support Group Meetings are:

  • Informal and held at either public places or individual homes
  • Host guest speakers to talk about health and wellness issues
  • Invite sales people to give presentations of products and services of interest to expectant families.

We also help New Moms and To-Be-Moms to pool in their purchasing power to get bulk discounts from local shopkeepers and service providers (which can lead to significant benefits to buyers and sellers alike, if all of you decide to purchase your strollers and car seats from the same retailer, for instance).

For more information on our Support Group Meetings, please e-mail us at for more details.




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