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Nursing Helps Weight Loss

14th Sep 2011

Pregnancy is a phase of dual feelings; of joy coupled with anxiety. During pregnancy, women gain an average of around 11-15 kgs of weight. But to shed off this gained weight keeps ticking in their minds all the while. Most women store fat in various areas of their bodies namely hips, thighs, abdomen and the breasts. This fat storage is to prepare the body for the nursing stage that follows as she delivers her baby.

The fact that the energy in the form of fat has already been stored for being used during the lactation phase is conveniently forgotten and the new mom is fed too well to be able to generate adequate feed for the newborn, isn’t it?

Ideally when the woman breastfeeds her baby directly or milk fed to the baby is expressed from the breast, the energy/fat stores in her body get used to produce milk in adequacy. Breastfeeding thus allows the woman to lose some weight without going on any dietary regimen. It helps her to shape up faster after delivery if she also takes up some strengthening and toning exercises whilst nursing her baby.

Breastfeeding would be a very satisfying experience if the new mom feels energetic and keeps good health. The nursing baby gets its nutrients from the breast milk, but the mom has to eat right to maintain her fluid balance and nutrient needs during the nursing phase.

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